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The strange French addiction to acronyms

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debtwrench civil servant bustling with preparations for PFUE,Which MEAE When SGAE organized for public relations Lost? Think of the outsiders who have to navigate the French passion for acronyms and initials on a daily basis. It is used in all countries, but France has a special tendency. up to date (PFUE) refers to the French Presidency of the European Union starting in January 2022 (it is actually the Presidency of the Council of the European Union). no matter. Abbreviations are already everywhere and, as the opening sentence states, Foreign Ministry officials and the Office of the Prime Minister’s Office are preparing this opportunity for the President.

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The French’s taste for abbreviations is so ingrained that they hardly notice it.the UK is NHSor America NASAIn France they are in every part of life: transport (TGV, RER, SNCFMore), politics (PS, EELV, LREM, LFIMore, RN (Previously FN) When LR),Union (CGT, CFDTs), work (SMIC, CDD, CDI, CSE, RTTs), police (bly, raid),tax(CSGMore, Ursaf, if i)The principle seems simple: why abbreviations like use words like budget PLFMore (Project De Roy De Finance) will do?

What is behind this enthusiasm? A modern state organization (CGT) or the political movement they later joined SFIOpredecessor of the Socialist Party (PS) appeared, and a complex name that deserved a abbreviation appeared. Perhaps it is also a result of the state’s tendency towards bureaucratic complications. Acronyms can be simplified rather than confusing. Societé Nationale des Chemins de fer Français (National Railways) is therefore difficult to digest. SNCFMore.

The fact that practitioners of such an elegant language have infected it with such abominations has not gone unnoticed. The Académie Française, which regulates such issues, recommends that “moderation is good, abuse is dangerous” when it comes to acronyms. Interestingly, one of the few areas where the French give off a lot of explanation is food.No CDC for Confit de Canardor BDV for blanket de veauIt seems that an organized or bureaucratic life should be tolerated and shortened. Gastronomy can take time.

Correction (November 1, 2021): PFUE As we said at the beginning, we are referring to the Presidency of the European Union Council, not the Presidency of the European Council.


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