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Government seeks ‘better outcomes’ by linking data on homelessness, crime and addiction

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The government’s program is to collate and link data on crime, homelessness and addiction with the aim of providing better support for people with “complex needs.”

The Better Outcomes with Linked Data (BOLD) initiative is led by the Ministry of Justice, Ministry of Health and Social Welfare, Level Up, Housing and Communities, Government of Wales and Public Health Wales.

When processed by a “few data linkers”, all data used is “completely and robustly anonymized”. Identifiable information, such as name, address, and case number.

There is one exception to this anonymization. This gives the probation officer access to the offender’s personal information during caseload.

“Otherwise, only anonymized data will be used for national-level policy-making and research, and no individual decisions will be made and, as a result, no automated decisions will be made,” the notice added. I was.

The BOLD program will initially consist of four pilot projects exploring ways to use linked data to reduce homelessness. substance abuse; and recidivism; and helping crime victims.

Focusing on homelessness, the project explores “why some people become homeless repeatedly, and which services are most effective in preventing prison escapees from becoming homeless, thereby reducing the likelihood of reoffending.” , aims to better understand the role drug treatment services can play in preventing homelessness.”, according to Ministry of Justice guidance.

Substance abuse data, on the other hand, aim to shed light on “what factors contribute to successful rehabilitation from addiction in specific groups, such as those who have escaped prison or overslept.” The scope of this pilot includes ‘Wales specific challenges’.

“The ultimate goal is to use data and evidence to improve life outcomes for people undergoing substance abuse treatment. To improve the assessment of additional needs when individuals come into contact with government services. ” added the guidance.

The Reduce Recidivism Project links information from a variety of sources to “better understand the impact of specific interventions to help offenders turn away from crime, particularly in terms of linked outcomes.” , [such as] Employment, health, housing and family,” according to the Ministry of Justice.

The Victim Pathways project aims to address 36% of crime victims who are dissatisfied with the way their cases are handled by the criminal justice system. This pilot examines “how government and third-sector services can most effectively help victims of crime to deal with, recover, and confidently seek justice.” the ministry claims.

The Ministry of Justice guidance states: This is often difficult. This is because information about the challenges these individuals face is held across various government departments and agencies and is not often shared. Led by the Ministry of Justice, the BOLD program was created to demonstrate that we can better support people with complex needs by linking and improving the government data they hold in a safe and secure manner. . BOLD will initially focus on reducing homelessness, helping victims of crime, reducing substance abuse, and reducing recidivism. ”

“BOLD aims to use data and evidence to design better services for people, but given the volume, sensitivity, and complexity of the data collected by governments, BOLD has decided to use this data proportionally. We take our responsibility and commit ourselves to a strong ethical standard.”

Sam Trendall is the editor of CSW’s sister title, PublicTechnology.net. Where this article first appeared


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