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Why Do Alcoholics Blame Others?

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Alcoholism is a complex disease, and it’s easy for alcoholics to blame others for their drinking. Many people who love someone who is experiencing an alcohol use disorder have trouble caring for and continuing to care for their loved ones. .

If you or a loved one is aware of their behavior while experiencing an alcohol use disorder, you may need treatment for alcoholism. Seeking help can be difficult, but it is essential .Contact information 17135283709 Learn about Right Step’s program.

Why do alcoholics blame others?

Instead of looking inward and realizing that your relationship with alcohol is messed up, you can ask if your loved one is putting the blame on the situation or person. Here are some reasons why people blame others.

struggle to accept responsibility

The main reason alcoholics blame others is because they have trouble accepting responsibility for themselves and their choices. Alcoholism can create an intolerable sense of hopelessness, self-pity, and guilt. Blaming someone else, such as a spouse or family member, relieves the pressure to accept responsibility.

ego and pride

People who struggle with alcoholism sometimes want to protect their ego and pride. They may feel that blaming others for their drinking saves them from embarrassment and guilt. Blaming others is an easy way to justify bad behavior, not justify it. Blaming others can also be a kind of manipulation to avoid accountability and responsibility.

low self-esteem

People with low self-esteem who feel helpless or hopeless may project their feelings onto others to make them feel better. This behavior is a way to move from a feeling of fear and helplessness to a sense of control over the situation.


One of the main reasons alcoholics look outside and hold themselves accountable is because they deny alcoholism. Denial can be a powerful defense mechanism to avoid facing the reality of addiction.

When alcoholics blame others, they may distance themselves further from their drinking problem and deny that it is a problem. You can also blame things like stress or heredity, so you don’t have to look inward.

A program for recovery from alcoholism

Alcoholism doesn’t have to be life imprisonment. Help is available for those struggling with alcohol use disorders. If you or a loved one is looking for an addiction treatment program to provide support and guidance through recovery, please contact Right Step.

With love, care and understanding, you can break the cycle of alcohol abuse and begin a life of recovery. There are also specific programs that help break the cycle of addiction. These include:

  • detox program
  • inpatient program
  • Outpatient such as partial hospitalization
  • Evidence-based treatment
  • Aftercare or recurrence prevention plan

Whatever the alcoholic’s reasons for blaming others, the most important thing to remember is that they need professional help and support to recover. If you or a loved one needs help with an alcohol use disorder, please contact Right Step. Our caring team of experts are here to provide guidance and resources every step of the way towards recovery.

Recovering From Alcohol Use Disorders With The Right Steps In Texas

If You Or A Loved One Are Struggling With Alcoholism, Contact Us 17135283709 See Right Step today for more information about substance abuse treatment programs. We provide personalized care to help provide you or your loved ones with the tools they need to overcome addiction.

We have locations throughout Texas so you can find Right Step closer to home. We are here to help you start your journey.

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