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What is BORG Drinking? | Alcohol Addiction Treatment

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Excessive drinking is a perennial problem among American teens and young adults. It’s not just the potential for accidental injury or alcohol poisoning. You may also eventually need urgent treatment for alcoholism. Today, we see a new drinking trend with significant potential for lasting harm: the use of BORG containers. This trend started among college students and then spread through various forms of online media. Being aware of it and its dangers can be essential for you or your loved ones to avoid serious health consequences.

What is BORG drinking?

What is BORG in the first place? The term was coined as an acronym for what is known as Blackout His Rage His Gallon. This named vessel is a gallon jug that holds a mixture of alcohol, water, and various additional ingredients. Common examples of these ingredients are:

  • energy drink
  • electrolyte supplements
  • powdered fruit flavored drink mix

Vodka is usually the form of alcohol used in BORG mixtures. However, other types of liquor can also be used.

Why Use Blackout Rage Gallons?

Why do college students, adults and teens attend BORG drinking parties? Surprisingly, the motivation is often not the desire to consume large amounts of alcohol. Rather, many BORG practitioners are motivated by safety concerns. These concerns center around the fear of having an open beverage container that could be contaminated with GHB or Rohypnol. BORG users want to avoid possible drug administration or sexual assault by carrying their own resealable container.

Danger of BORG

Nonetheless, public health experts are puzzled by the rise of BORG culture. There are several reasons for these concerns. First, despite good intentions, BORG users have a clear risk of excessive drinking. Common mixtures contain large amounts of alcohol, even when diluted with water and other additives. Moreover, this alcohol is readily available for a long time. Taken together, these factors make it easier to fall into a pattern of excessive drinking.

Another concern is the public image of BORG on social media. This image downplays the dangers of alcohol consumption. At the same time, it also highlights the cool factor of joining the latest online his trend. As with the Tide Pod Challenge and other historical trends, this biased perspective can have serious unintended consequences.

The third major concern is the dangers associated with all forms of excessive alcohol consumption. BORG culture provides another potential avenue for dangerous behavior known as binge eating. If you consume enough alcohol to reach the legal intoxication level within 120 minutes, you will overeat and drink. This practice is a classic form of excessive alcohol consumption in America. Its long list of potential harms includes:

  • Increased likelihood of developing a diagnosable alcohol use disorder
  • alcoholism
  • Serious injury from a car accident or other accident
  • exposed to sexual violence
  • Increased likelihood of committing acts of sexual violence
  • Increased risk of various long-term health problems

Most people under the age of 21 who use alcohol participate in binge eating.

Learn more about BORG drinking during recovery in the right stages

Do you have more questions about BORG and excessive alcohol consumption? Talk to a specialist at The Right Step Recovery. Here are the facts you need to understand the risks of this recent drinking trend.

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