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The United States is in the midst of an opioid epidemic, with an alarmingly high number of prescription drug addicts. This is a dangerous act that has disrupted the lives of countless Americans. But who is really to blame? A doctor writing out overfilled prescriptions, a money-hungry pharmaceutical company, or a combination of the two?Banyan Treatment Centers Delaware delves into this disturbing phenomenon and how people should protect themselves. I’m here.

Prescription Drug Abuse Statistics

The demographic of Americans who abuse prescription drugs the most is young adults, even though older and older adults are at higher risk of abuse and addiction.1 Research shows that more than 16 million people abuse prescriptions each year, the most common of which is pain relievers, used by 9.7 million users annually.1 Common examples of frequently abused prescription drugs include Adderall, Oxycodone, Vicodin, and Xanax. All of these substances carry the risk of dependence, addiction, and even overdose.

The obvious fact that four-fifths of pharmacy prescriptions are opioids helps explain the prevalence of the epidemic that wages war on countless Americans.1 This represents 80% of all prescriptions and highlights the fact that overprescription of prescription drugs perpetuates some of the most harmful substances in medicine cabinets and on the street. But whose fault?

Why do doctors overprescribe?

One factor contributing to doctors over-prescribing drugs is the healthcare system’s focus on treating symptoms rather than underlying causes. Many physicians are under pressure to see a high volume of patients and may not have time to fully assess the root cause of a patient’s condition. In some cases, doctors may prescribe drugs as first aid without considering other treatment options. This can lead to instances of drug cascades and even prescribing a drug to treat the negative side effects of another prescription.

This phenomenon, which focuses on symptom management as opposed to true patient health, continues to harm countless Americans across the country. not only. Big pharmaceutical companies also play an important role.

What is Big Pharma?

The term big pharma refers to the largest pharmaceutical companies with large market shares and revenues. It develops, manufactures and markets prescription drugs and other products, including medical devices and vaccines. These companies are believed to be more concerned with profit than improving the lives and health of their customers.

Many of these companies are also believed to have unethical practices, such as suppressing negative information about their products during pharmaceutical commercials. These companies admit they are doing important work in developing life-changing drugs, but these benefits are overshadowed by the insidious consequences of the opioid crisis.

So who exactly is to blame? The end result is a mix of doctors relying on first aid and pharmaceutical companies putting profits ahead of patients. At this time, one of the best ways to address these issues is to lobby for stronger restrictions on drug overprescribing and treat current disorders with addiction treatment programs.

Prescription drug addiction treatment at Banyan

The risk of drug overdose in drug abusers, sadly, doesn’t always shake people off of drug use. Rehabilitation centers are equipped with prescription drug treatment programs to help them heal.

For those who want to know more about our rehabilitation detox in delawareplease call the Banyan Treatment Center 888-280-4763 Talk to an Intake Specialist today.


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