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How to Help a Violent, Alcoholic Spouse

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If you are married to or partner with someone who struggles with a violent drinking problem, it can be complicated and overwhelming. You may also feel guilty that you couldn’t “fix” the situation or get your spouse to stop drinking. It’s important to remember that alcoholism is a serious disease and it’s not your fault. It’s okay to ask for help.

Most importantly, make sure it’s safe. If you have to break up with your spouse, it’s the right thing to do. When it’s safe to stay at home, you can implement healthier boundaries and measures to protect yourself. If you need help, please contact Right Step. 17135283709 for addiction treatment.

How to Help a Violent and Alcoholic Spouse

Alcoholism increases the risk of spousal abuse in people with substance use disorders, regardless of gender. Living with an abusive and violent alcoholic spouse can be complicated and confusing. Here are some tips to make the situation safer.

  1. Create a Safe Space — Create a safe space in your home to protect yourself from potential violence. This includes having an emergency bag with money and essentials in case you need to leave the house quickly. Easy access to a mobile phone (preferably with a charged battery) is also essential in case you need to call for help.
  2. Establish Boundaries — Setting and maintaining boundaries is essential when living with an alcoholic spouse. If your spouse becomes aggressive, it’s important not to get into physical arguments. Discuss with your spouse how their drinking problem affects your relationship and how certain behaviors are unacceptable. Repeating these boundaries keeps both parties safe.
  3. Encourage treatment — It is important for spouses of violent alcoholics to seek professional treatment for their drinking problems. Encouraging you to go to rehab and attend Alcoholics Anonymous (AA) meetings can be a great start. Consider finding the

Living with an alcoholic spouse can be emotionally draining and exhausting. Seeking professional help is the best way to ensure the safety of you and your spouse.

Treatment of alcohol use disorders

Treatment of alcohol use disorders in light steps includes behavioral therapy, medication, and multidisciplinary approaches. We understand how difficult it can be to help an alcoholic spouse and how important it is for you to feel safe at home. I support you two. Programs offered include:

  • 12 levels of facilitation
  • Cognitive behavioral therapy (CBT)
  • Dialectical Behavioral Therapy (DBT)
  • emergency management
  • motivational interviewing

If an alcoholic has physical dependence, it is imperative that the person undergo a detox and inpatient rehabilitation program. Outpatient care and treatment are beneficial if physical dependence is not present. Additionally, addiction counseling is essential in helping spouses achieve abstinence and long-term recovery.

First priority is safety

If your spouse is violent and drinking, it’s important to prioritize safety. This includes finding a safe place to stay temporarily until the situation is under control. If you don’t feel safe, or if you’re not safe and abuse is happening, it’s important to put yourself first. If you have children, put them first.

While you may be able to take steps to help your spouse, it’s also essential to get the support you need. If you’re struggling with how to handle a situation or how to help a violent alcoholic spouse, ask for help.

Helping alcohol use disorders with the right steps

If you or your loved one is struggling to help a violent alcoholic spouse and need help, LightStep is here for you. Contact us now 17135283709 Learn how we can help.

We know how difficult this situation can be to deal with, but with professional guidance and support, recovery from alcohol use disorders is possible. Don’t hesitate to ask for help. we are here for you

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