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Do Violent Video Games Affect Mental Health?

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Do Violent Video Games Affect Mental Health?

As technology has advanced, gamers have access to increasingly complex visuals and intense stories through the games they play. But the darker and more violent these stories are, the more people think about the relationship between games and mental health. Others point to another reason. So, do violent video games affect mental health? Banyan Treatment Center Boca Raton, Florida,I will explain.

How do video games affect mental health?

The answer to the question “How do video games affect mental health?” It depends on various factors. These factors include what the game is about, how often it is played, and most importantly, the mental capacity of the person playing it. In some cases, playing certain video games regularly can actually have beneficial effects on a player’s mental health. This was seen in an Oxford study, which found that people who crossed animals four hours a day were happier.1

However, this sentiment does not necessarily apply to all players. Before analyzing the potential damage that violent gaming does to a person’s mental health, it is worth considering the effects of excessive gaming. A 2018 study found that 89% of video game addicts were also showing signs of depression.2 This may be due to the fact that when someone is solely focused on a level or game, they may begin to neglect their own needs such as hygiene and maintaining relationships.For similar reasons. It has also been seen to exacerbate symptoms of social anxiety.

Another thing to consider is the fact that the games in question don’t necessarily cause mental illness, but can exacerbate existing illnesses. Many people use video games to escape the problems of everyday life. This is perfectly fine when done in moderation, but can lead to more problems if not done responsibly.

Link between violent video games and mental health

What impact do violent video games have on mental health? Interestingly, studies come to different conclusions on this question. While it can provide an opportunity to develop hand-eye coordination and other skills, it has also been seen to have a negative impact on some adolescents. To do. If a person exhibits violent or aggressive hostility in their daily lives, there is a good chance that playing violent video games will exacerbate this.3

Negative traits found to increase in these players include:3

  • Less cooperative or less interested in others.
  • Low conscientiousness, tendency to break rules, and impulsivity.
  • A high degree of neuroticism (a tendency towards depression, self-doubt, or anxiety) or a tendency to become emotional in a negative way.

If someone exhibits any of the above behaviors, it could be the sign they need Florida Mental Health Services at Banyan Boca Raton.The link between mental health and video games doesn’t necessarily lead to the development of illness, but it can exacerbate existing illness. Treatment Employed at our facility can help them take back their lives and learn how to properly Prioritize their mental health.

For more information about the programs we offer and how they can help you heal, call Banyan Boca mental health. 888-280-4763 today.


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