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Dangers of Wine Culture | Alcohol Addiction Treatment

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It is quite possible that you or someone you know drinks wine regularly. Limited use of alcohol in any form does not cause significant harm. But today, many health experts are concerned about the rise of something called wine culture. Broadly speaking, the term includes drinking wine as important and casual in everyday life. This practice can be concerning for a number of reasons. One of the key issues is the risk of developing severe alcohol problems and ultimately needing treatment for addiction.

Fundamentals of wine culture

America consumes more wine than any other country. Annual sales reach the hundreds of millions of gallons range. Nowadays, more and more women are drinking wine. This fact partly reflects the general increase in drinking among women. But it also reflects a growing view of wine consumption as a positive or empowering act.

This prospect is heavily promoted to women through traditional commercials and social media. We encourage drinking wine as an acceptable response to the daily pressures many women face. Common examples of these pressures are:

  • caring for children
  • balance work and family responsibilities
  • Coping with various financial and relationship issues

Marketers and social media messages may also target male wine consumers.

The dangers of wine culture – the risk of alcohol use disorders

Excessive drinking can increase the risk of alcohol use disorders (AUD). The definition of this disorder includes alcoholism and dysfunctional alcohol abuse that is not dependent. Heavy consumption of wine can result in AUD like any other drink.

A standard glass of wine or beverage is only 5 fl oz. To avoid increasing the risk of developing AUD, women can only take one serving of such each day. For men, that number increases to two glasses of wine per day for her. For many wine drinkers, it’s safe to say that these she’s more than her daily total.

Other potential effects of excessive wine consumption

Active participation in a casual wine-drinking culture can also expose you to many other problems. The list of these issues includes:

  • Involvement in a car accident or other type of accident
  • Increased risky behavior
  • more likely to be exposed to or commit violence
  • cardiovascular problems
  • anxiety disorder
  • depression
  • dysfunction of the immune system
  • memory impairment

It may also increase the risk of eight types of cancer.

The special dangers of wine culture for women

Women are at greater risk of harm from the wine-drinking culture than men. This is largely due to a woman’s biological response to drinking alcohol. Specific problems that occur earlier and more often in women include heart and liver disease. It also includes nerve damage and alcohol-related fainting. A power outage results in complete or partial amnesia.

The average woman tends to develop AUD earlier than the average man. This can occur even if women consume less wine than men. These facts are particularly alarming given the increasing focus on women in a wine-oriented culture.

Find out more about the perils of wine culture in Restoring in the Right Steps

Have more questions about the potential dangers of drinking wine casually? The Right Step has the answers you need. We can also help you assess the risks of your current alcohol use patterns.

Need help with an existing alcohol problem? Whether these problems are caused by wine, liqueurs or beer, The Right Step can help. We are dedicated to providing customized treatment for all cases of AUD. Call us today for more information. 17135283709. You can also write or chat online or through the form.

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