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Video Gaming Addiction Treatment | Teen Process Addiction NC

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Billions of people play video games today. Whether you play it on your phone, computer, or console, there’s a game for just about everyone. But often people can start to become addicted to the game. Teenagers are at higher risk of becoming addicted to video games. This is more than spending hours in the basement playing games. Video game addiction is real. It has a negative effect on the patient. At Foothills at Red Oak Recovery, from the age of 14 he runs a comprehensive youth program for men aged 17. Video game addiction is not limited to adolescent males, but they are often the most affected.

Foothills at Red Oak Recovery is proud to offer substance abuse and video game addiction treatment to teens.please If you would like to learn more about our Gaming Addiction Treatment Center, please contact Foothills at Red Oak Recovery today at 866.300.5275.

Foothills at Red Oak Recovery is the answer your family is looking for

We focus on education and strive to work with our clients from a young age. We want abusive and addictive behavior to stop. This ensures that our clients can continue to live rewarding and productive lives in the years to come.

Is video game addiction a process addiction?

Yes, video game addiction is a process or behavioral addiction. Process addiction occurs when you become addicted to a particular behavior. Don’t think you’re addicted unless you’re on drugs or alcohol. Sufferers may even feel “high” while playing video games. When your video game addiction takes hold, other important areas of your life start to get neglected.

Schoolwork and employment are put on the back burner or completely forgotten. Important relationships with colleagues and family are severely damaged. They are not growing in important areas of their lives and their social skills are not developing.

Can video game addiction harm be combined with other addictions?

The harm of video game addiction can co-exist with the effects of other addictions. This includes substances and alcohol. To determine if your video game addiction is comorbid with another addiction, you should consult a professional. A professional counselor can also help determine if your video game bias has crossed the line of addiction. Luckily, we offer a variety of addiction treatment options, including:

  • alcoholism
  • heroin addiction
  • stimulant addiction
  • opioid addiction
  • prescription drug addiction

If you’re struggling with a drug or video game addiction, Foothills at Red Oak Recovery can help. For more information, contact a therapeutic professional today at 866.300.5275.

Is this addiction dangerous?

Like any addiction, video game addiction can be dangerous. The danger comes from ignoring other important areas of life. The game has been around for nearly 50 years, but it’s only recently that 1-9% of people who play the game are deemed to have a problem. According to WebMD, in 2018 the World Health Organization deemed gaming disorder to be so prevalent as to be added to the reference books. International Classification of Diseases.

The harm of video game addiction can negatively affect your lifestyle. In addition to daily life problems, video game addicts can start neglecting their daily hygiene. In fact, games rule your life. There are treatments that can help you learn how to recover from this addiction.

Find out more at Foothills at Red Oak Recovery

Our experts take the harm of video game addiction seriously. Foothills at Red Oak Recovery is a youth program in Ellenboro, North Carolina, perfect for teenagers. The focus is on males between the ages of 14 and 17.

Other behavioral addictions, mental health disorders, and video game addiction harm are treated in the following ways:

  • family centered therapy
  • individual therapy program
  • group therapy program
  • continuing academic education
  • Psychological Tests to Diagnose Mental Health Problems

Red Oak Recovery’s Foothills is focused on “redefining the clinical experience.” We target addiction and behavioral problems at an early stage. We want the best for you and your family. Therefore, we thoroughly evaluate each adolescent to ensure that we understand their immediate addiction or behavior and how it matters.

Foothills understands the importance of family involvement at every step. We would like to welcome you and your family to Foothills at Red Oak Recovery. Do not delay if intervention is required. Check your insurance now.

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