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The 8 Dangerous Apps for Kids

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With 1.96 million apps in the App Store, knowing which are safe and which are potentially dangerous and toxic can be an ongoing challenge for parents. New apps are spreading rapidly every month, even if you know what’s popular right now.

To help you navigate the minefield, this guide covers the most dangerous apps for kids, teens and teens.

Frequently asked questions from parents

While some apps are harmless and pose no threat to children’s health when used appropriately, others are breeding grounds for inappropriate content, online predators, and cyberbullying.

How can you track which apps are good for your child and which aren’t? Parents ask a great many questions about the dangers of mobile apps. Below are some of the most common ones that may come to your mind.

  • What apps are dangerous for children?
  • What apps do child predators use most?
  • What are the most dangerous social media apps?
  • What YouTube apps are dangerous for kids?
  • What are the most toxic apps?
  • What are dangerous apps?
  • Which apps are harmful on my phone?
  • Do you have dangerous apps?
  • What apps should you avoid?

What are the 8 dangerous apps for kids?

Kids app warning

Keeping up with all the latest apps your kids want to download can be a daunting task. That’s why we’ve compiled a list of different types of apps that can pose a danger, from popular social media apps to lesser-known secret storage apps. So what are the 8 dangerous apps parents should be aware of?

chat app

Chat apps (also known as social talk apps or messaging apps) have changed the way we communicate. WhatsApp is the world’s most popular chat app and a great way to stay in touch with friends and family. Messages, photos and videos shared via WhatsApp are relatively safe thanks to end-to-end encryption. However, a stranger might find a way to chat with your child on her WhatsApp, so it’s a good idea to monitor your child’s activity.

Other chat apps pose more risks. This includes Discord, a place for kids to hang out and discuss games. You may be exposed to inappropriate content ranging from extreme opinions to pornography. Another dangerous messaging app is Kik due to its sexual content and the chance to meet strangers in chat rooms.

social media apps

Here are some features of the most popular social media apps among teens that parents may be concerned about.

  • YouTube – It’s not just videos that are unsuitable for children. The comments below may also contain inappropriate content.
  • Snapchat – Content disappears after 24 hours (some kids may start sharing inappropriate photos), but you can take a screenshot before the image disappears.
  • TikTok – Accounts are set to public by default, so strangers can contact your child.
  • Instagram – Even if your child’s profile is private, the direct message feature can be dangerous as strangers can contact you.
  • Twitter – A place where porn is easily accessible and kids don’t even need an app to watch it.
  • OnlyFans – This app is not for kids, but unfortunately many people use it. Sex workers, celebrities and influencers share videos, photos and live streams with their subscribers.

video editing app

It’s not just social media apps that are dangerous to teens, but also the tools they use to create content, such as TikTok and Instagram. On the surface, his Zoomerang, a video creator and editor app, creates videos, applies filters, and adds special effects. However, it does have a dangerous location-tracking feature that allows online predators to pinpoint where your child is while using the app.

Secret storage app

Due to the nature of this kind of app, many parents are unaware of its existence. That in itself should be a red flag.

The secret storage app allows your child to hide photos, videos and other files in a password protected location. They may use it to hide inappropriate content sent to or by online predators.

So how do you know if your child has a secret storage app? You can start by checking your child’s phone for suspicious apps. The app icon can look harmless and unobtrusive like a fake calculator. You can also search the App Store or Play Store for popular secret storage apps like Vault, Best Secret Folder, Hide It Pro, Secret Photo Vault, AppLock, Calculator Photo Vault. If they have a “Get” or “Install” sign next to them, don’t worry. However, if there is one that says “Open” next to it, it means the app is installed on your child’s phone.

Anonymous app

Anonymous apps can be as dangerous as they look, with great potential for cyberbullying, sexual content, and the spread of malicious rumors.Apps such as Tellonym and Yik Yak are popular with teens. , where you can anonymously ask questions and share information with strangers without setting up an account. Omegle, an anonymous video chat app, can be more dangerous as it exposes children to graphic sexual content. Predators can use the app to groom their children, then share photos and videos afterwards.

live streaming app

Live streaming apps are extremely dangerous for vulnerable teens. Because the videos are live and uncensored and unmonitored, there is nothing to protect children from inappropriate content.

  • Live.Me shares station locations and allows users to pay other users for photos.
  • Twitch allows private messages called whispers. These can be sent to anyone who knows their username.
  • Bigo Live has no age verification and requires users to provide personal information such as age and location.
  • Houseparty allows users to send links in chat and take screenshots.

dating app

So how dangerous are dating apps for kids? is. But they pose worrying online hazards for her teens.

Dating apps can attract sexual predators who pretend to be much younger by entering fake birthdays when registering on the site. You can include photos and explicit videos. If you find that your child has a dating app on their phone, encourage them to remove it and take the opportunity to talk about online safety.

video game app

Playing video games has many benefits, but some mobile apps can be dangerous for younger players.

Many popular multiplayer games such as Among Us and Fortnite have in-game chat features that can attract online predators. Some video game apps feature adult content, such as the weed trade in Drug Grand Mafia or the violence and murder in Grand Theft Auto IV.

So what can you do to keep gamers safe online? With new mobile games released every month, there’s no list of dangerous apps to share. However, you can ask your child what they are playing on a regular basis to make sure they are age-appropriate and get them involved in the gameplay. You can also follow our list of healthy gaming habits by age.

How to protect your kids from dangerous apps

safe online family

So how can you keep your kids safe online without denying them access to all the modern apps? We encourage you to have open conversations about potential risks and regularly monitor the apps you use.

Young gamers can become addicted to certain apps (such as Discord or Twitch), which may be related to their video game addiction. If your child is having trouble with the game, we are here to help.

At Game Quitters, the Respawn program is designed to put you in control of your game, and the Reclaim program is for game-influenced families.

Contact us to book a free Gameplan call for more information.

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