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Signs of Teen Gaming Addiction

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Most adolescent or teenage boys play video games, but some play them excessively. The question is, when does a favorite activity become an addiction? The Foothills at Red Oak Recovery in North Carolina has a gaming addiction treatment center that helps my son overcome process addiction and learn to do things in moderation. We help teens and parents recognize the symptoms of gaming addiction and learn how to seek treatment. To learn more about available treatment options, contact Foothills at Red Oak today at 866.300.5275.

What is Teenage Game Addiction?

Parents and educators have mixed feelings about the impact of video games on young people. Video game proponents believe that video games give children the opportunity to use their imaginations and hone their cognitive skills. However, like many other activities that involve screen time, spending too much time playing video games can lead to addiction.

Tech addiction can quickly take over the lives of adolescents and teens. Instead of participating in physical activity or completing school assignments, they spend hours playing games. Researchers know that playing video games can trigger dopamine, which can lift your mood and give you a boost of energy. Levels of this neurotransmitter also increase during other addictive activities, such as alcohol and drug abuse. Coincidentally, this is the same neurotransmitter released during alcohol and drug abuse.

Although not listed in the Diagnostic and Statistical Manual of Mental Disorders, teenage gaming addiction poses a significant threat to the physical and psychological health of boys. Although not listed in the Diagnostic and Statistical Manual of Mental Disorders, teenage gaming addiction poses a significant threat to the physical and psychological health of boys.

Recognize the Symptoms of Gaming Addiction

How can parents tell when a game has crossed the line and become a full-blown addiction? There are some warning signs that your son is losing control of his favorite activity.

  • poor personal hygiene
  • ignoring friends
  • poor performance in school
  • can’t stop playing video games
  • I get annoyed when I’m not allowed to play video games

Like substance use disorders, teenage video game addiction often escalates. Your child may need to play longer and harder to reach the highest level of fun. Luckily, our Youth Treatment Center uses scientific and holistic therapies to help your son overcome her teenage gaming addiction and address comorbid mental health issues. I am receiving treatment for a health condition.

What are the physical and mental effects of gaming addiction?

If you notice any of the above symptoms of gaming addiction, it’s important to get your son treated as soon as possible. This disorder has long-term and short-term effects. For example, sleep deprivation from staying up all night playing video games negatively affects my son’s proper brain and body development.

People addicted to video games often neglect personal hygiene such as brushing their teeth and showering. This can lead to dental problems, health problems and social isolation.

teen game addiction treatment

Researchers and scientists are still debating whether video game addiction should be included in the list of process addictions. However, if your teen spends most of his time in front of a video game screen, immediate intervention may be needed to break the habit. Luckily, Foothills at Red Oak Recovery offers teen addiction treatment for several obsessive processes, including gaming addiction.

Our youth addiction treatment includes:

If your son needs help getting away from video games long enough to enjoy life, we can help.

Get treatment at Foothills at Red Oak Recovery

Ask your son for help the first time you notice symptoms of gaming addiction. Foothills in Red Oak Recovery, North Carolina focuses on treating adolescents and boys in her teens. Our programs include teen gaming addiction treatment, substance abuse treatment, and dual diagnosis programs for comorbidities. I don’t need to watch my son waste in front of a video game screen. For more information on how to enroll your son in the appropriate program, please call 866.300.5275.

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