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Searching for a Gaming Addiction Treatment Program near North Carolina

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With near constant access to video games, it’s no wonder teenage boys are exhibiting unprecedented levels of addiction to different genres, platforms and types of games. Video game addiction can be very serious and devastating. Therefore, it is important to seek gaming addiction treatment in North Carolina as soon as possible.

Treatment for video game addiction may be justified if an adolescent boy admits his behavior is unhealthy or unsafe but feels unable to stop it. .

We understand the complexities of finding a gaming addiction treatment program near North Carolina. If you or a family member may need gaming addiction treatment near North Carolina, please contact Foothills at Red Oak Recovery today at 866.300.5275.

Treating Teenage Gaming Addiction

Regardless of platform, video game addiction shares many of the same emotions, behaviors, and characteristics as any other addiction. With electronic games, addiction can begin with sporadic use early in a child’s life, especially when teens have few limits or restrictions on the amount of time they can spend gaming.

Over time, teenage boys can develop addictive behaviors. Video game addiction can develop when games begin to interfere with your daily life and health. However, effective gaming addiction treatment near North Carolina may help.

Signs of video game addiction

As with many other types of addiction, a number of signs and symptoms can reveal video game addiction. It is important to remember that addictive behaviors manifest differently in different people. However, people with video game addiction have some traits and traits in common.

People who exhibit the following behaviors may benefit from treatment for teenage gaming addiction:

  • Loss of interest in other activities due to preoccupation with games or thinking about them most of the day
  • Being overly upset when I can’t play video games
  • lie about how much you’re actually playing
  • I want to quit the game, but I can’t
  • isolate yourself from family and friends
  • often prefers to play games alone
  • poor academic performance

Additionally, game-addicted teenage boys are often unable to maintain other responsibilities and jobs. They almost always have a strong urge to participate in video games.

In some cases, the underlying cause of such behavior may be underlying mental health concerns. Adolescent boys may also play games to escape unhealthy or embarrassing situations in real life. In some cases, the exact cause of gaming addiction in teens is unknown. Whatever the cause, it’s important to get treatment.

How Gaming Addiction Treatment Can Help Near North Carolina

There are excellent treatment programs available for teenage males who struggle with gaming addiction. Some of the most effective treatments and therapies include:

  • trauma-based treatment services
  • family therapy program
  • Academic Support Program
  • Holistic Healing for Mind, Body and Spirit
  • Treatment of co-occurring problems

Video game addiction is a concern for many parents, and adolescent boys with addiction should receive the support they need and deserve.

Find teen gaming addiction treatment at Red Oak Recovery’s Foothills

If you, your son, or someone you know may have a video game addiction, it doesn’t necessarily have to be an out-of-control habit. They may have developed this addiction to deal with painful emotional situations or mental health disorders.

The Foothills at Red Oak Recovery video game addiction treatment program offers many options and opportunities. To learn more, contact Foothills at Red Oak Recovery today at 866.300.5275.

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