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Process addiction is a type of disorder that causes restorative behavior that negatively impacts a person’s life. This compulsive behavior becomes difficult to control and often prevents them from participating in other activities or making wise decisions. Treating process addiction can help break that obsession. At Foothills at Red Oak Recovery, process addiction treatment helps teens work toward a better future. To learn more about our treatment options, contact our team today at 866.300.5275.

What are some examples of process addictions?

Some of the most common process addictions faced by young men include:

  • game addiction
  • social media addiction
  • smartphone addiction
  • sexual addiction
  • texting addiction

This type of addiction is manifested in habitual behaviors in which the activity becomes more important than facts other than what the teen is engaged in or should be doing. A process addiction forms when a person is compelled to participate in an activity even though they are aware of the negative consequences of the action. It is often difficult to stop without treatment.

How can treatment for process addiction help?

Consider a person with a gaming addiction. They always feel the need to work on the game. Other activities such as schoolwork and sports become less important. Eating, sleeping, and staying employed are also not priorities. The brain derives pleasure from gaming experiences and promotes compulsive gaming.

Treating process addiction begins with recognizing what is happening and why it is happening. After that, with consistent support and treatment, the addictive activity can be stopped and more control can be achieved in daily life.

How to Recognize the Signs of Process Addiction

Look for telltale signs that you can’t focus on anything other than gaming. Examples include:

  • spend most of the time in activities
  • Poor hygiene or not getting enough sleep
  • neglects family responsibilities or ceases to participate in family activities
  • lie or hide behavior
  • spend excessively on addictive behaviors
  • more likely to isolate themselves from others
  • Use Behavior to Deal with Negative Behavior

If you or your loved ones are suffering from many of these signs, it may be time to seek treatment.

How can gaming addiction be treated?

Treating process addiction requires a decision to seek help. In some cases, people know that this type of behavior is not healthy and want to stop. However, sometimes you don’t know how. Such behavioral addictions usually require counseling and work in a group setting to understand the links between thought patterns and addictive behaviors. A complete psychological examination is often required to ensure that other types of mental health disorders are not present. Your treatment plan may include:

This treatment option allows teens to put their process addiction behind them and move on to a brighter future.

Why go into treatment now?

Teenagers and young adults are particularly at risk of developing mental health complications if they do not receive support for their addictive behaviors. Over time this can become more aggressive and destroy their lives. It can also lead to substance use disorders. Additionally, if you have an underlying mental illness, such as depression or anxiety, it’s important to get proper care as soon as possible.

It is possible to control and overcome process addiction with treatment. Even if your teen believes everything is fine, treatment can open the door to a better quality of life without resorting to addiction.

Seek treatment in the foothills of Red Oak Recovery

Getting treatment for process addiction can change the course of a person’s life. It may open the door to new opportunities and build better relationships. Foothills at Red Oak Recovery offers a comprehensive process addiction treatment for adolescent males. For more information about the services we offer, please call 866.300.5275 or contact us online.

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