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How Much Gaming is Too Much?

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If you’re worried about your teen’s video game time, you’re not alone. Gaming, like gambling and drug use, can begin to take over someone’s life.too much guming It can lead to sleep deprivation, depression, anxiety, social isolation, and even gaming addiction. Gaming addiction is a growing concern in this country. So how much is too much when it comes to gaming? And how can you spot a gaming addiction? Call Red Oak’s Foothills at 866.300.5275 today to find out.

Should parents worry about games?

Games are neither good nor bad. The truth is, playing video games has both benefits and risks. The problem isn’t the games themselves, but the amount of time kids, and even adults, can spend playing them.

Parents should establish healthy gaming habits for their children. They need to set boundaries and supervise gaming activities. Parents should always be aware of how much time their children spend playing games and what games their children enjoy.

What are the benefits of gaming?

Again, gaming isn’t necessarily a bad thing. It has several advantages that make it a fun activity for children to enjoy within reasonable limits.

Games have the following benefits for children:

  • Improved spatial reasoning
  • improve athletic performance
  • education
  • Improving reaction time

Gaming is also a form of socializing. The virtual communities in the game world are sure to help even shy kids socialize and connect with others.

What is Gaming Addiction?

Gaming can also lead to mental health disorders such as addiction. It’s easy to become addicted to playing games. Teens can become psychologically withdrawn when they stop playing games.

It also builds resistance to gameplay. That’s why it becomes so easy to sit and play the same game for hours.

Ultimately, game play can interfere with other things in your life. Unless you’re playing video games, you might stop spending time with your friends. Your grades may drop because you don’t stop playing the game long enough to study. All of these symptoms are very similar to those seen in substance use disorders and gambling.

Gaming can lead to process addiction. process addiction This means that you will have a strong urge to repeat certain behaviors regardless of the consequences. A person with a game addiction may choose to play a game even if it causes problems in their lives.

How much is too much when it comes to games?

There are many variables to consider when setting game limits, such as age. According to the American Academy of Pediatrics, young children should be limited to sitting for just one to two hours at a time. Additionally, most guidelines focus on keeping a balance of activities.

Parents can set their own limits to ensure that video games aren’t the only entertainment for teens. Claim to play sports or enjoy extracurricular activities with the screen off.

Also, make sure you practice sound gaming. Pay attention to the ratings of the games you play and encourage safe habits such as looking away from the screen every 20 minutes or stopping if you develop a gaming disorder such as tendonitis or carpal tunnel syndrome. .

What are the treatments for gaming addiction?

Foothills at Red Oak Recovery Adolescent Treatment Program for Boys. Our Game Addiction Program focuses on addressing the psychological withdrawal that occurs when you quit gaming. We also offer a variety of therapies that allow you to refocus that energy, including:

Our holistic healing approach helps adolescents diversify their interests in a healthy and safe way.

If you have any concerns about your child’s game, please call 866.300.5275 or Please fill out the contact form. The staff at Foothills at Red Oak Recovery are happy to answer your questions.

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