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Steev is back with some authority! ~ NewLife Steev

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Now I never thought of myself as an authority on anything!

I think there are two main reasons for this. One is low self-esteem and the other is experience as a career advisor. Being trained as a CA and having constant updates as part of my job has given me an insight into what’s involved in a variety of jobs, from being a journalist to working at the slaughterhouse. , I could never call myself an authority, because the people who do these jobs every day always know far more than I do. I became a person who does not exist.

So what authority am I… well me! It sounds obvious, but in reality you should always check yourself. For example, on the travel front – I am his 60 year old lone traveler, who happens to be a white male, speaks English, is straight, and has an invisible disability (chronic IBS can be called a disability case). Project? Because my experience differs both positively and negatively for others. I have the privilege of being a white male, so I am less susceptible to sexist or racist comments and harassment. and I think my age and nationality make a difference as well. No need to. It’s not clear to people why I urgently need to go to the bathroom, perhaps to use a disabled toilet, in a place without a lift, until the bargain he climbs four flights of stairs easily can’t climb I could go on. My experience is my experience and it is different from others.

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