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Problem Gambling Within College & Student Athletes

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Balancing academic and extracurricular activities, student-athletes have a lot on their plate.April 6th this yearthwe want these talented young people to National Student Athlete Day (#NatlSADay), acknowledging the high achievement of those who divide their time between the classroom and the sports field. However, physical education in schools is not all about fun, and when gambling enters the equation, it can have serious consequences.

Problem gambling is no stranger to school campuses, with research estimated that 75% of college students have gambled in the past year, including both legal and illegal bets. [1] Compulsive gambling can affect people of all ages, genders, races, ethnicities and social classes, but youth and young adults face unique risks when it comes to excessive gambling.

Alan Feldman, Distinguished Fellow of Responsible Gaming at the University of Nevada Las Vegas International Gaming Institute, says college students develop gambling problems in many ways because of their age, risk-taking predisposition, and access to money. said to be more likely to It may be the first time.[2] Approximately 21% of college students report having used financial aid to gamble, and 31% of students have used credit cards to fund gambling. [3] In addition to these characteristics, college students are also “closer to the action” and college sports play a large role in student life. Not to mention that there is also pressure from friends and fellow athletes to participate in social gambling.

Sports betting is currently illegal in Florida, but that doesn’t mean Sunshine State college students aren’t betting outside the system.of National Council on Problematic Gambling reported that about 67% of college students nationwide bet on sports, including 30% of male athletes, and that the higher risk of sports gambling was due to their competitive nature. and the need for action and excitement.[4]

Additionally, Florida students attending out-of-state colleges and universities may have legal access to sports and online gambling. In states where these types of bets are legal, many college campuses have agreements with sports betting companies and often partner with these companies as corporate sponsors of sports programs.[5] The details of these partnerships are often less transparent, but they often include sports betting brands promoted in stadiums, college radio stations, websites, and other media primarily aimed at students. In fact, it was recently revealed that a gambling company has struck deals with several colleges and schools are compensated for every student who signs up. [6]

The truth about the problem of compulsive gambling among young athletes and college students is Nearly all American institutions of higher education have policies regarding student alcohol use, but only 22% have formal gambling policies.[7] This means that many young people don’t know where to turn for help. With constant access to large-scale professional sporting events such as school sports and March His Madness, students need a reliable resource when trying to recover from their gambling addiction.

For students struggling with gambling, there is no shortage of options for help, hope and a roadmap to recovery. florida problem gambling helpline, 888-ADMIT-ITteeth Your One Sure Thing You can text me for free secret resources to help those in need 888-ADMIT-IT,mail address [email protected] or live chat gamblinghelp.org. This means students can access recovery support anytime, anywhere, from their dorm room to between classes, and these free resources can fit into a college student’s budget.

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