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Problem Gambling Awareness During March Madness

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Whether you’re securing a seat to watch your favorite team take to the court or hosting a viewing party from the comfort of your living room, you, like many other Americans, feel the excitement. will listen to March Madness. This tournament is the perfect opportunity to celebrate the sport you love with your favorite spectators. Florida Council on Compulsive Gambling (FCCG) With both legal and illegal sports betting happening in the Sunshine State, we know it can be a dangerous time for those at risk of problem gambling as well.

Before we dive into a few weeks of the year that are popular with basketball fans, we encourage you to read on to learn more about the realities of sports gambling and how to practice responsible gambling before this season comes to a spectacular end.

it’s not a coincidence Gambling Awareness Month (PGAM) Also held in March. When this initiative was launched 20 years ago, it was just him a week long and was inspired by the surge in his bets on sports that took place during the legendary NCAA event. march madness basketball tournamentIn 2022 alone, it was estimated that 45 million American adults will bet on the outcome of games. These bets totaled over $3.1 billion, including bets made legally and illegally.[1] This year, $6 billion is expected to be legally gambled during March Madness. [2]

Now a full month old, PGAM is a multi-organizational effort across the country working together to raise awareness about problem gambling and connect people in need with the resources they need to recover. This is the culmination of Online sports gambling is still illegal in Florida, but those who find themselves gambling too much should be aware that even casual betting among friends and colleagues can be risky.

The theme of this year’s PGAM is “Game of Life: Choose Your Path” and you click here You can play interactive card games FCCG created based on the ideas of gambling industry employees. In this game, just like in life, the player is faced with important decisions and asked to choose the right next step. (Gambling is no longer a game and losing is not an option). Before the bets are set on Selection Sunday, we want to give you the background information you need to make responsible choices. For example, did you know that the probability of choosing the full bracket is 2 to the 63rd power? [3]

For those who choose to take part in betting during tournaments, ensure that all participants practice responsible gambling behavior to ensure that these games are what they are meant to be: fun. I would like to continue. Some tips to keep in mind during tournaments and in the gambling environment include:

  • Take frequent breaks and set time limits while playing
  • If it’s not fun, don’t do it
  • don’t chase losses
  • Don’t Rely on “Good Luck” Strategies
  • Don’t think of it as a way to make money
  • don’t gamble with necessary funds
  • Do not gamble when upset, stressed or under the influence [4]

this year PGAM And March Madness season, we can all use reminders to take a step back and get out of the madness. Opportunities to gamble on games are available 24/7, but 888-ADMIT-IT is also available. This is Florida’s multilingual, confidential helpline to help those struggling with gambling problems and their loved ones connect to resources. Your One Sure Thingrecovery.

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