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Keeping Medicine Cabinets Safe – Compass Mark

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Lebanon County National Take Back Day

Josh Mountz of Compass Mark accepts unwanted Rx drugs in drive-by collection.

On Saturday, April 22, 2023, the Lebanese Municipal Police participated in the Drug Enforcement Agency’s (DEA) National Drug Recovery Day event. National Drug Take Back Day It aims to educate the public about the potential for drug misuse while providing a safe, convenient and responsible means of disposing of prescription drugs.

The DEA holds events twice a year, in April and October. Her Krysta Pavasco (Prevention Specialist) and Josh Mountz (Training Her Coordinator) from Compass Mark staff joined police officers, interacted with members of the local community and collected a total of £56 of medicine!

Proper disposal of unused, unwanted, or expired medicines is a good example of primary prevention. According to the Pennsylvania Youth Survey (PAYS), the majority of young people who reported prescription drug abuse were given prescription drugs by friends and family (43.4%) or took them from family members living at home (50.7%). What we can do to keep people away from potentially abusing substances is a big step forward in preventing the development of substance use disorders!

Two images from the National Take Back Day in Lebanon, Pennsylvania. Two casually-dressed adults stand with a police officer in front of a

Take Back Day is a partnership between the Lebanese City Police, Compass Mark and the Mayor’s Office.

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