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For me, there is no real downside to being higher up. The heat rises, which makes the place more comfortable in the winter, but of course, the drawback is that in the summer the place becomes too hot. Noise travels less easily, so it’s generally quieter, but it doesn’t eliminate noise. Of course, if you can go up to the top floor, it means that no one is making noise upstairs (which is a big problem if you’re in a non-insulated sharehouse and you’re under other people’s living quarters).

And then there are the views. To be honest, I don’t think my views in Liege have ever been better, but in Zaragoza and here in Zagreb I had some amazing views. I also enjoy the quiet outdoor atmosphere of Chattanay in Malabry near Paris. In fact, as is the case in Totley, Edinburgh and Zaragoza, the view from high up without a balcony is rather disappointing. It feels like (to name a few) the chance of outdoor space is lost and an indoor balcony has been installed (like the one we ate in Ljubljana) is not enough.

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