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Why Give to Shatterproof

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We believe no one should suffer or die from substance use disorders (SUDs), a preventable and treatable disease. We are the only national non-profit organization working to remove the organizational and social barriers that keep people from accessing quality care and recovering strongly.

Invest in addressing the biggest challenges of people struggling with addiction
Our focus is on changing the system. We identify the issues that matter most and use a science-based approach to address them.Whether it’s informing state and federal policy, reducing addiction stigma, or building a science-based treatment system, we have the resources needed to reverse America’s addiction crisis. creating change

change is up to you

We implement solutions based on science published in medical journals. Over the past decade, the organization has brought to life many life-saving aspects of its research. Our practical programs are made possible by charitable support from interested donors like you.

save a life

More than 46 million people over the age of 12 suffer from SUD. Your investment will help provide as many as possible with trusted guidance and resources to help them navigate the complexities of SUD.

Why Invest Now?

Addiction is ravaging our nation more and more rapidly. A record number of people are suffering from her SUD in our country right now, exacerbated by the pandemic and declining mental health. Fentanyl pervades all drug use and overdose rates are rising in our country. 2021 will set a record high of over 107,000 overdose deaths, accounting for 67% of his increase from fentanyl. Additionally, there were 100,000 of her deaths from alcohol use disorders. Addiction affects all races, ethnicities and classes, but its impact is far greater in communities of color. Can’t wait to put this change into effect. 11 people die every hour from overdose. We must do everything possible to stop this.

what does my donation do?

• Promote the implementation of the National Principles of Care, the standard of addiction care by all treatment facilities.
• Invest in expansion Shatterproof Atlasa trusted guide to help patients and families receive care and support.
• Support grassroots efforts to compel state and federal legislators to enact SUD issues, laws, and policy reforms.
• Connect individuals with lived experiences through community programming, advocacy and action.
• Raise your voice to bring individuals and communities together to end the stigma of addiction.
• Honor those who died and help grieving friends and family through the National Addiction Memorial.
• Provide reliable, science-based information to prevent, treat and recover from addiction.
• Convince Americans that addiction is a treatable chronic disease.
• Ensure that the Opioid Reconciliation Fund is used to save more lives.

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