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Dr. Van Besien is the Resident Emergency Medicine Physician at Boston Medical Center, New England’s largest trauma and emergency center and home of the Grayken Center for Addiction. Dr. Van Besien is on the front lines of the emergency room, treating patients suffering from substance use disorders and interacting with the programs and services that best support them and their families.

Early in his career, Dr. Van Besien is recognized as a champion of humanism in addiction medicine and medicine. She has been involved in multiple research projects related to initiation of medication-assisted therapy in the emergency department, and currently she is working with the emergency department to bring harm reduction resources directly to the emergency room. increase. She is also working on developing a curriculum for residential physicians on harm reduction and use of methadone and suboxones in the emergency department. She was named to the Emergency Medicine Resident Association Her Leadership Academy (2022-2023), the American College of Emergency Medicine Medical Student Professionalism and Leadership Award (2022), and a Robert R. .Roberts Award Winner. She combines humanism with clinical research in medicine and shows compassion for patients at the University of Maryland School of Medicine, Gold Her Humanism Honor Society (2022).

Dr. Van Besien received his BA from the University of Virginia and his M.D. from the University of Maryland School of Medicine. She is currently a resident in emergency medicine at Boston Medical Center.

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