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son, father, grandfather. generous heart.

who was tracy

Tracy was my father. He struggled with addiction for many years. He loved poker and, like poker, sometimes life went well and other times he lost all his chips. No matter how many times he fell from Grace, he got up and fought each time.

Fun memories with Tracy

I am sorry to share so many things. His father had nothing, so he had to work hard to rebuild himself. One Christmas, I was feeling my struggles because I was struggling financially and had three children that my father had to support. He took me to Walmart to buy Santa presents without hesitation. His heart was so kind, too kind for this place.

what happens when tracy is gone

I miss his laughter. As he spoke, he laughed so hard that he could hardly understand what he was saying. I miss his humor, his dark humor, but it was funny. Every day he would email me and his brothers with little jokes and riddles. I remember venting my feelings to him and listening to the famous song “I’m Sorry, Kid.” I miss everything about him.

How will Tracy be remembered?

I think he wanted to be remembered. he loved so much his mother, children and grandchildren. He brought joy (and sometimes madness) to every situation. I miss him so much.

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