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The Devastating Consequences of Mental Health Issues – Cathy Taughinbaugh

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Did you feel the results of Mental health issue?

Do you think people can get the help they need?

Mental health is a difficult issue for families.

There is help for those in need.

Violence continues to be a problem. Things need to change so that everyone feels safe.

Mental health problems are taking more and more forms that no one expected. From 5-year-olds to 3rd graders, parents all worry about their child’s safety at school and in public.

according to National Institute of Mental Health, around it 3.2 million people Adolescents ages 12 to 17 in the United States experienced at least one major depressive episode in 2017. This represents her 13.3% of all her teens in the United States. often also I have an anxiety disorder.

From substance use to various mental health issues, issues must be tackled holistically. We cannot afford to remain silent about the next incident. And stigma cannot stop people from getting the help they need.

“There has, of course, been a mismatch between the enormous public health impact of mental illness and addiction and our society’s limited efforts to address these issues. ”~ John Campo

Too many young people are suffering.

Too many young people struggle with mental health and substance use disorders. We need to pay attention to their problems on a deeper level.

Too many people have no control over their mental health issues. They may use substance use, violence, or self-harm to cope.

As the years go by, more children are affected.

My new book answers many questions readers of this post may have. This also includes questions about how to help your child find recovery. Click the image for more information. I hope you find this book useful.

We all feel the stigma of mental health. Talking openly about mental health issues is difficult.

We all have a lot in common, but we each have traits that make us unique. Encourage each other to reach out.

Your family needs your support. If your child has mental health issues, substance use issues, or other non-normative issues, there’s no need to be ashamed. We need to be a community that cares, even if we’re just there to listen.

Understanding, compassion, and empathy go a long way in making someone feel like they have a choice.

Let’s make those asking for help more comfortable and frankly proud. Always helpful in encouraging people to live healthier lives.

I found ways to help myself and feel better about how far we’ve come as a family.

Parents whose children don’t meet the typical standards of being called “normal” all the time will agree that finding our comfort zone in something different is a lifelong process.

Here are some ideas on how you, as individuals, can help those in need.

“We envision a society where mental health issues are tolerated and, in some ways, valued as part of the human experience.”~ Mike Slade, Lindsey Ordes, Aaron Jarden

Learn about addiction and other mental health issues.

As you read and gain knowledge, you become more understanding and compassionate about what others are going through. Help educate yourself about the problem. Let them know you are there for them. Find out as much as you can so that you have a variety of options for helping your loved one.

Support parents who feel the stigma and shame of their child’s struggles.

Parents really need support when they are worried about their children. This makes asking for help more comfortable and makes you feel less alone. By supporting them, we help them take steps towards healing and a sense of acceptance. They know they have the support from others they need. Letting others know you care makes a difference. Knowing that you have someone to talk to when you need it gives you peace of mind.

seek support for yourself

If you or someone in your family is struggling with substance use or mental health issues, seek help. Supporting yourself during this stressful time is very important. It takes courage, but even family and close friends can’t read your mind. They aren’t always aware of your struggles. When you feel anxious or stressed, think about what you can do to help yourself and remember to take action. Get your own support so you’re never alone. You will find yourself in a better place for resolution and healing.

let go of the judgment of others

When we accept others for who they are by embracing our differences and appreciating what they have to offer, we help those who are experiencing difficulties. It’s easy to judge. When you take the time to get to know someone and their situation, you often find that there are more similarities than differences.

There is no easy way to solve our world. Lately, it feels like one problem after another. It is my hope that many young people who are carving out their own lives will be affected by these issues to become future leaders and help build a healthier and more peaceful new tomorrow.

Let’s not forget all the people who have taken steps to overcome mental health and substance use issues and to live productive lives. is in Celebrate them.

Recovery from mental health problems, including addiction, must be allowed. we haven’t done it enough.

“Even if your brain tells you there is no hope, there is hope.” John Green

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Catastrophic Consequences of Mental Health Problems

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