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who was robert

Luke was a devoted and passionate friend to those he trusted. He was kind, loving, charming, Hollywood handsome, thoughtful, intelligent, funny as we all know, and had an unstoppable personality and charisma. He has an entrepreneurial spirit and founded his CBD oil company called Arrow Organics. He did this to provide people who are dependent on other chemicals with a safe way to deal with their pain. He has a nutrition and physical training certificate from his ASAM and was also a TPI Level 1 certified golf trainer for him. Nothing was more evident than that he was her mother’s pride and joy, her dearest love.

best memories with robert

We watch him stay sober, enroll in an Ivy League school, start his own CBD oil company, and become a scratch golfer. It’s implanted in my brain that just sitting across from him at dinner one night is so peaceful.it was a perfect night

how lonely robert will be

How will Robert be remembered?

My son was a martial artist. He survived a mortal traffic accident. SUD was the price we paid for his life. After 11 hospitalizations, five surgeries, and three procedures involving re-using drugs, he constantly fought back and regained sobriety. “Six times he falls and he gets up seven times” was his motto. Luke was my hero.

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