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Mooring Lines in Recovery – SMART Recovery

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[Ed. note: Although Mooring Lines are not an “official” SR Tool, volunteer Stefan Neff and others have found them very useful in their recovery. This post represents Stefan’s views and analysis.]

I was encouraged to use a process called tethered lines by counselors who said the tool was a key concept in addiction recovery. We recognize mooring lines as a useful tool for individuals who are

What is a mooring line?

A mooring line is a metaphorical anchor that individuals can use to ground themselves when they are overwhelmed or triggered by an addiction. They are a set of personal values, beliefs, and practices that provide stability and support during difficult times. Mooring lines are created by identifying what is most important to an individual and creating a plan to prioritize and protect those things.

How do mooring lines work in addiction recovery?

Addiction recovery is a difficult process and requires significant changes in an individual’s life. These changes can be difficult to sustain without a strong support system in place. Mooring lines provide a framework for individuals to identify their values ​​and beliefs and use them as a foundation for recovery.

Mooring lines can be used in many different ways. For example, individuals may use mooring lines as a reminder of their commitment to drinking when tempted to use drugs or alcohol. You can also use mooring lines to reconnect to your spiritual or religious beliefs. This will give you comfort and guidance during difficult times.

Advantages of Mooring Lines in Poison Recovery

Mooring lines offer many benefits to individuals in addiction recovery. Here are some:

  1. Increased self-awareness: Mooring lines require individuals to reflect on their values ​​and beliefs, which helps them better understand themselves and their motivations.
  1. Increased resilience: Mooring lines provide a stable base for individuals to rely on during difficult times, helping them successfully navigate the challenges of addiction recovery.
  1. Improved decision-making: Mooring lines help individuals make better choices by providing clear priorities to guide their actions.
  1. Increased Motivation: Mooring lines can give individuals a sense of purpose and direction. This will give you more motivation to keep your cool and continue on your recovery path.

Mooring lines are effective tools for individuals in recovery from addiction. By identifying their values ​​and beliefs and creating a plan to prioritize and protect them, individuals can create a stable foundation for recovery. Mooring lines help individuals focus on goals, make better decisions, and stay motivated during the recovery process.

MuriExamples: journaling, mindfulness/meditation, SMART meetings (potentially treatment and case management appointments), recovery studies (Sober Friends Club), exercise, diet, sleep, etc.

Next, make a list of your mooring lines. This will help you stay grounded and on the road to recovery or sobriety.

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