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beautiful, cheerful, generous, loving, special

how was melissa

Melissa loved animals and had an old soul. She is indeed a beautiful disaster but in the best possible way.She loved being out in nature and spending time with her loved ones.I have never laughed so hard with another person in my life There was no

Melissa’s best memory

We were laughing whenever we were together. She had the most beautiful smile. She hated it. She misses laughing until she cries and can’t remember what made us laugh in the first place. Too plain. was locked up. I will love you forever, angel girl.

how to miss melissa

The world feels so empty without her. No matter how far apart we were, the moment we laid eyes on each other, we were instantly back at each other. gave me a comfort she didn’t know.

How Melissa will be remembered

Melissa wanted to be remembered as a fighter. Like swinging, dancing and singing. She doesn’t want us to be sad. She wanted to see her sister and baby brother smile again, she wanted us to do something. she uses this Count it for something. That’s what I do for her.

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