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loving beautiful son

who was kyle

Kyle was a beautiful, loving soul. He hated himself because of his addiction and fought for ten years to defeat this monster. He was a talented guitarist/musician as well as a talented athlete. He had a big heart for the homeless. I love him and miss him so much!!

Fun memories with Kyle

One night we ran in for burgers and fries. He heard and saw a homeless man with one leg crying. He insisted we buy him a meal and help us find shelter for the night. He sat on the pavement and ate his meal with this man, took him to the shelter, then hugged this dirty, smelly homeless man. We got in the car and Kyle cried as we drove away. Here’s my boy, desperately fighting his own demons and he’s crying because this is done strangers. I have never been more proud or moved by his son than I was that night.

how lonely kyle will be

Despite being 24 years old, Kyle put his head in my lap and gently urged me to give him a scalp massage. Then his leg. He could always be that “guy”, but he was still there for mom (me), he always hugged me and thanked me at every meal. He still abruptly threw me to the ground and pinned me, making me fight to escape. He did this to teach me self defense. He would always instigate tickling fights out of the blue. I’m an adult, but I still feel like a boy.

How will Kyle be remembered?

As someone who never gave up trying. In fact, I found that sentence written in his AA book. He was writing the very answer to the very question. He battled the disease of addiction for ten years and hated what his addiction had made him. He would also appreciate being remembered as a true musician. His guitar playing was that of an old soul. He was alive on that stage and the audience could feel his heart and soul through his music. He was also a great lyricist and singer.

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