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Kenneth Grace jr.

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father, son, nephew, brother

how was kenneth

Lil Kenny was one of the purest hearts and loving and generous people. He really loved being his father. He always helped people in need. he was always very happy Look at him, he really was an angel.on earth

Best memories of Kenneth

Upsetting his father, he made it his special talent. I think he’ll laugh because he thought he hit the metal with a wrench and pulled him instead of fixing the go-kart he was supposed to fix.He cheated on his dad the whole time His dad was fussing saying he thought I was stupid and I don’t know what he was doing He was so funny

how to miss kenneth

His hugs always gave me the biggest hugs no matter where he saw me. It didn’t matter who was around.I was able to cross the bridge to his house in the flood He didn’t think it was raining I had to tell him that the cows passed his house over the bridge He looked like it was raining I couldn’t help laughing

how kenneth will be remembered

As a father’s best friend and a doting and loving father to his daughter, he loved his family, was a great mechanic and a loyal friend.

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