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Many people are unaware of the biological, environmental, and developmental risks associated with addiction. That’s why our educational platform, Just Five, exists. We strive to educate people about the dangers of addiction and help them recognize if they or someone they know is showing signs of a substance use problem.

Just Five is an easy-to-use program aimed at reducing stigma and providing information on treatment and prevention techniques. This program is aimed not only at working adults, but also at the general public. This is part of a plan to provide resources for millions of families seeking information, tools and support. The majority of companies do not offer addiction education in their catalogs. Hence why we felt the need to create the Just Five Educational Platform. Just Five can be used in conjunction with other initiatives to enable a healthier workplace or promote a more resilient workplace.

Just Five helps identify the signs of addiction and provides resources to help people understand their options and access professional help. This can help reduce the stigma associated with addiction and provide the support you need to make informed decisions about your health and well-being. Just Five does this with animated videos, interactive learning, and teaching aids. The program is visually appealing, varied and interactive. Our lesson styles and language guides ensure consistency and use of progressive addiction-related language. There are Spanish and English versions of the program and a version for people with disabilities.

Our goal is to help everyone understand addiction education as one of the things they need to know to be successful members of a healthy and balanced society. Access to quality education helps individuals build better decision-making skills, allowing them to take control of their lives and reduce their risk of dependence on substances. That’s why we partner with employers, consortia, states or cities to spread the message.

Shatterproof Ambassadors also play an important role in introducing people to Just Five. Because they are passionate about spreading awareness and creating change, their stories can be incredibly inspiring and motivating. This is the work you do professionally in your community, especially to educate your peers. Just Five is online, self-paced, so you can study on your own time.

Our hope is that people will continue to have the knowledge and skills to make informed decisions about their health. You can find ways to do an assessment and use preventative measures to help yourself or those in your life who need it. If someone is not associated with addiction, Just Five provides the knowledge needed to eradicate stigma. Health education can save lives.

Interested in the program? For more information on Just Five, email us
[email protected].

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