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Beloved sons, grandchildren and nephews

Who was Johnny Illya

Sleek, stylish, handsome, like Frank Sinatra, he smiled easily and always had a mischievous grin on the corner of his mouth.He had the ability to connect with people and was loved by everyone, regardless of age, from baby cousins ​​to his grandparents

Happy memories of Johnny Ilya

A time when he was my real hero. I’m not proud of what happened that day, but I was proud to have a wonderful nephew who loves me so much. Anyway, no one had any serious physical injuries. No matter how egoically you look at it, it was almost a killer. My nephew made sure they got the lessons they really needed…it was so unexpected and amazing. My children and cousins ​​all grew up together, so he was always like myself. My heart was filled that day.much love and gratitude

How lonely Johnny Ilya will be

His smile, his unique style, his wide range of interests, his cool demeanor, he’s the coolest cat in our family, make friends wherever he goes, let all the girls catch his eye And yet he was a genuine romantic at heart. We all loved him so much, but it hurts so much to know that love wasn’t enough to save him from this evil drug.He’s forever young and I hate it, I hate that we have to bury him instead of him burying me or his parents, he died before me i hate that

How will Johnny Ilya be remembered?

Handsome young man, friendly, good-natured, interesting… loved and missed forever

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