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son, brother.grandson’s nephew, uncle

who was jeffrey

Jeffrey had a big heart. He was fighting his own demons but he tried to help others’ demons.He had two girls he loved more than anything and he loved his mother very much.#jeffreyforever35 💜💜💔

best memory of jeffrey

He once saw a homeless man and asked if we had cash we could give him. Jeffrey handed him his $7 I had and we sat in the parking lot while talking like his friend. What a beautiful heart!

how to miss jeffrey

What I miss most is that he always calls me mom.

How Jeffrey Will Be Remembered

Jeffrey wants to be remembered as the brother who loved his two younger brothers, the grandson who loved his grandparents, but most of all, he wants to be remembered as the father who loved and adored his daughters, Emma Jane and Carly May. I am thinking.

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