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Jalen Bosker (he/he) is an accomplished art director and designer, known for his expertise in creating visually captivating experiences. Passionate about purposeful design, Jalen uses her creative skills to champion social causes and make voices of marginalized and disenfranchised people heard through her artwork and storytelling.

Jalen holds a Bachelor of Fine Arts degree in Graphic Design from Youngstown State University and is pursuing a Master of Fine Arts degree to further broaden her artistic horizons and push the boundaries of visual communication.

Beyond design, he finds comfort and inspiration in the great outdoors. You’ll often find him taking exhilarating hiking trips, exploring natural wonders, and getting into pretty dangerous situations (often with bruises). He also regularly attends music festivals, where he immerses himself in the diverse sounds and energies of the medium.

Jalen’s love of creativity extends beyond her professional pursuits. He is open to a variety of creative endeavors and believes in constantly pushing his own boundaries and exploring new artistic mediums. From bad guitar playing to amateur filmmaking, he cherishes the joy of discovery, failure and self-expression.

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