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sons, brothers, nephews, grandchildren, friends

who was Jacob

The funniest person you’ve ever met. That smile melted the girls’ hearts. very much like his father. He had no patience, but oh, he loved fishing. Shark fishing and cat fishing were his passions. He was a sports enthusiast who loved all sports.

Fun memories with Jacob

I only have one. I loved his passion for sports and loved watching him play and compete in every sport. He played baseball all his life. He played soccer to keep fit. Wrestling helped remove his aggression. When he was young, he had a passion for racing BMX bikes. He was very active and focused when playing sports. his true love.

What Happens When Jacob Disappears

I heard him laugh. when i see his smile He makes cheesy eggs in the middle of the night. Eat a whole box of cereal. Shout at the TV when sports are on. Arguing with Remington and Serena about the Ravens beating the Steelers. fishing…. all through the night.his energy was always high

How Jacob Will Be Remembered

Remember him as Jake. They were fun, loving, kind and funny friends/family. His passion for playing sports extends to his passion for just being there for others. Jake’s Ashes travel around the world.

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