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Healthy Vapes: A Dangerous Social Media Trend?

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Understanding “healthy e-cigarettes”

A new fad in the world of e-cigarettes has taken over social media. It’s a healthy e-cigarette. Sometimes called “nutraceutical diffusers” or “vitamin vapes”, these new devices are ideal for those looking to quit using traditional nicotine vaping devices or add some sort of “boost” to their lifestyle. promises great health benefits for

These “healthy vape” allow users to inhale ingredients such as vitamin B12, caffeine, melatonin, and various essential oils instead of nicotine and other harmful substances. But regulators and other experts warn that these products simply don’t live up to their claims of being a “healthy” alternative to e-cigarettes. (FDA) has warned consumers against using e-cigarette products with “unverified health claims” in 2021.

There are currently no e-cigarette products approved by the FDA to prevent, treat, or improve health or overall health. Still, “healthy e-cigarettes” are very popular, especially on his Instagram, TikTok, Facebook and other social media apps, often promoted to young people and her teens.

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dangerous marketing tactics

E-cigarettes and e-cigarettes are ubiquitous on social media, with many companies running aggressive advertising campaigns to reach out to an increasingly younger audience. In fact, vaping is so popular that global e-cigarette sales are expected to surpass his $40 billion by the end of 2023.

With these massive marketing campaigns and record profits, vaping has gained considerable popularity and social acceptance. Many companies that manufacture e-cigarettes, especially those advertised as “safe” or “healthy,” deliberately target their advertising to young adults, often leaving young-looking people in a fun environment. The image depicts the product being used in a party-like environment.

According to a press release prepared by the FDA in December 2021, some companies and manufacturers of these “healthy e-cigarettes” have made wildly fraudulent claims about their devices, some of which include has something like:

  • “It fights tumors and relieves symptoms of chemotherapy!”
  • “It has been used as [sic] Organic asthma treatment, ADHD treatment, dementia treatment.
  • “It helps prevent a type of anemia called megaloblastic anemia that makes people tired and debilitating.”
  • “Neroli oil has long been used as a remedy for anxiety and depression to calm the mind and reduce tension.”

Despite a growing consensus among regulatory and health officials that e-cigarettes are harmful, these products do not contain nicotine and do not require FDA approval. Additionally, since these products are considered “supplements,” companies cannot make claims about what these devices are said to do.

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Are inhaled vitamins safe?

Of the plethora of “healthy vape” products on the market, including popular brands such as Breathe and its sister companies VitaminVape, VitaStik, BioVape, NutroVape and Monq, one ingredient advertised as being vitamin B12. There is one. Vitamin B12 is a substance that the body cannot make but is necessary for normal functioning. Most people do not need vitamin B12 supplementation because they get enough from their diet.

The important thing to note about vitamin B12 deficiency is that it is rare and almost impossible to self-diagnose.

“If you’re short, your doctor should prescribe what to do. If you’re at normal levels, adding it won’t do anything. It won’t help,” he says. “The idea that just taking vitamin B12 will give you an energy boost is a myth,” said Weil, Ph.D., a pulmonologist at Cornell Medicine & New York Presbyterian. I’m here.

There is also no medical data to suggest that the body can absorb vitamins by inhaling them. I agree.

Additionally, there is the issue of propellants and chemicals used to deliver and vaporize vitamin B12 when it comes to vitamin vape. Very little research has been done. However, preliminary studies on cells suggest that some cells may cause cell damage. In particular, a chemical called vegetable glycerin is used in Breathe and many other vaping devices marketed as “safe” and has been linked to lung inflammation.

As previously mentioned, it is important to remember that currently no e-cigarette device is FDA-approved as a smoking cessation device or permitted to make modified risk claims. Additionally, these products are new to the market and have little to no scientific data to suggest they offer any type of health benefit.

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A Truly Healthy Alternative to E-Cigarettes: Quitting

The reality of any vaping device, regardless of whether it’s marketed as a “healthy” option, is that it’s unsafe to use. A lack of research combined with a lack of federal regulation means there is absolutely no evidence to suggest that “healthy e-cigarettes” offer any benefit or healthy alternative to nicotine-based devices.

Easier said than done, quitting e-cigarettes is the safest and healthiest alternative to e-cigarettes. Traditional face-to-face home treatment may be too intensive for someone trying to quit e-cigarettes, unless they have a co-occurring mental health condition or are using other substances such as alcohol or opioids. It is recommended for people who abuse e-cigarettes. If you are addicted to nicotine, the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) recommends that you develop a smoking cessation plan and consult a counselor to begin the process of quitting e-cigarettes. increase.

For most people, seeing a therapist is easiest through telemedicine or online therapy. Online therapy can treat addiction, mental health and behavioral health issues all in one place, A very popular and effective method. Many online therapy providers offer cognitive behavioral therapy (CBT). It is often considered one of the best types of therapy to help nicotine addiction.

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