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Dr. Abigail Mercer joins the ATLAS team with several years of experience in operational leadership and community outreach, as well as oversight and management of federal, state and local public health grant initiatives. Dr. Mercer has worked diligently to develop, promote and encourage interdisciplinary collaboration by building partnerships with community resource agencies, local and statewide associations and federations, and advocacy groups. She is passionate about working with others in collaborative efforts towards achieving inclusion and equity, especially for her BIPOC and LGBTQ+ communities. Her experience spans multiple industries including public health, government, social services, non-profit, healthcare and education.

Dr. Mercer recently graduated from Indiana Wesleyan University with a Doctor of Business Administration degree with a specialization in health care management. She lives in Franklin, Indiana with her three children Austin, Amelia and Ivy. She is an avid reader, enjoys gardening, and loves her outdoor adventures, especially exploring US National Parks and camping with her family.

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