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what kind of person was donna

Danna was so funny and caring and we bonded deeply! She has struggled with anxiety and addiction for many years. Drugs have stolen her heart and soul! It’s almost a year and my heart will forever be broken! I pray for those who take drugs. Seek help today. 🙏đŸģ

Happy memories with Donna

My fondest memory is when she worked at an adult daycare for the mentally handicapped. She asked me for a list of old songs and made me sing and dance it all on the karaoke machine. You can see and feel the light there. Even when she was at rock bottom, she cooked meals for the homeless. As she was driving around, she was giving things from her car to the homeless people. She was great but her drugs stole my baby girl 😔

What Happens When Donna Disappears

I miss her so much, we had a strong bond, I miss her voice, the hugs made me laugh, I miss her no longer here, again, it’s unbelievable, I’m on drugs today I want to ask for help from people who are taking it! Change your life, don’t make your mom cry, I wrote how I feel about you! ! God will give you strength, just pray and ask for help today. i am praying for you 🙏đŸģ💕

How will Danna be remembered?

Danna was very smart, funny, beautiful, and especially caring for those in need. It was the real Dana. I hope people realize that mental illness and drugs have affected it!! Not them! She knows that her husband wants to send a message so that everyone can ask for help. I hope someone reads this now and goes to seek help today.I want Dana to remember that she was a caring and loving person and that she was my best friend.

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