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what did corten look like

My brother had a big heart and loved hard, but his soul was too fragile for this world. He always wanted to make other people laugh and feel good. Unfortunately, he had something deep in his heart that he couldn’t shake, he just became numb, and in the end it took him away from us.

Happy memories of Corten

When I think of my brother, I think of my childhood, before life got too complicated. He was always joking and very happy. We (me, him, and his little brother Branden) didn’t have a good childhood and were poor, but we really did our best. I miss the days when he enjoyed a life without material things and lived in peace.

What Happens Without Corten?

I miss talking to him. I will miss his jokes and witty remarks. I miss his ridiculously accurate football knowledge and passion when he talks about football, especially the Philadelphia Eagles. You will miss him playing guitar and his passion for music. He was a good brother, a son, a friend, a good father, and a total person despite his addictions. He loved us and we loved him.

How will the corten be remembered?

Remember Korten, a soul full of love, independent of inner conflicts. I truly believe that God is watching over us and comforting us.

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