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Beautiful Son, Artistic and Loving Giving

who was colin

Colin was loved by everyone he met. He will let you take off your shirt. I loved him more than life. He was smart, funny, artistically gifted, and did whatever he could to help someone. He was loved by many! ! His death definitely left me with a hole.

Good memories with Colin

He told me how much he loved me. His personality was exceptional!He was very funny and had an incomparable sense of humor.

What will happen if Colin is gone?

his beautiful face. He is always willing to help me. his sense of humor. our intense talk. he was very smart I will miss everything about him. I miss his presence. His big heart, and his beautiful words. He was good with words. He wrote something very deep and heartfelt. You can’t miss even just one. I miss everything!

How will Colin be remembered?

As someone who left his mark on the world and the people he loved. He definitely did! The many people in his service were truly heartbreaking and heartwarming at the same time. You were loved by so many people! It was really amazing. I didn’t realize how much he was loved until that day. Young, old, and in between! I was very proud and at the same time very sad.

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