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mother, sister, friend, advocate, ally

What kind of person was Brandy?

Brandi lit up a room with her smile and inner beauty! If she could see through our eyes, she would have seen how loved and loved she was forever and always!

Best memories of Brandy

I remember meeting her and her friend (our friend) Amber at a local gas station/diner. They rocked Guitar Hero so well that Amber went out and bought the whole set up! , I tried to take a picture, but my phone was dead and I couldn’t. I also remember going to Logan WV (I live across the county) for her first CCAR PRSS training. There, Brandi was the first to speak and help. She made a huge impact on her and everyone else at Logan, so I made sure to stay in touch to support each other.

How to Miss Brandi

I miss making pacts with Brandi that are like, “If you go, I’ll go too.” Well, we both suffer from terrible anxiety, but we still love to advocate. We were at an event where I was nervous to speak, so we got bold with each other. Advocating for mental health and addiction recovery is never the same!

how brandy will be remembered

As an advocate for those who are not successful in overcoming their own addictions and mental health issues and living healthy lives! And as a wonderful mother, sister, daughter, friend, aunt, advocate and ally, she was!

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