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what was bethany like

Bethany was born with a beautiful personality and gorgeousness. People were drawn to her from her first day. She was full of her life force, she came out of the womb and kept talking, but she never stopped. She was devoted to her family, especially her daughter.

Happy memories of Bettany

Bethany had a big heart, but was very blonde. She will laugh along with you when you explain. There are many wonderful stories about Bethany.

What Happens When Bettany Is Gone

Bethany loved people very much. She brought light to every room. She made sure you understood that you are a worthy human being. She loved taking millions of pictures of herself and herself and you. She was definitely one of a kind!

How will Bettany be remembered?

She was a kind and loving soul. An irreplaceable spirit she brought into her room. She was beautiful on the outside and on the inside.

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