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Are You Ready to Take Care of Yourself? – Cathy Taughinbaugh

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Looking for ideas on how to take care of yourself?

Do you have any tips for improving your mood and behavior?

I’ve been talking to several mothers lately because their children are trying drugs and alcohol.

Other mothers are very stressed because their children have become dependent on substances.

Many of these moms feel stuck. They worry about their children. They want to solve the problem so that the child is healthy and can continue with his daily life.

They want to do everything right to get their ex back. comfortable place to stay. I was there and wanted the same thing for my family.

But here is the missing link. Parents may not be doing anything to help themselves.

Drug and alcohol use affects all family. Family dynamics may be part of the bigger picture when understanding why your child chooses to use them.

If you are the parent of a child with a drug or alcohol problem, you must take care of yourself so that your life is better.

Due to peer pressure and other reasons, many children decide to use drugs or alcohol.

As they say on airlines, put on your oxygen mask before helping others. help yourself first Most useful when dealing with To your child’s drug or alcohol addiction.

Educating yourself is essential to gaining a deeper understanding of the problem. It makes you feel why your child became dependent on drugs and alcohol. We are ready to respect and support your child’s recovery.

Nourishing yourself in a way that helps you blossom in the direction you want to go is achievable and you are worth the effort. ~Deborah Day

Here are some tips for taking care of yourself and keeping your family stable during this stressful time.

Take care of yourself first.

Parents often go to the idea that this will cure their child to support group meetings and coaching/therapist appointments. They are focused on you as a parent or other family member and helping themselves. The best way to start is by working on yourself.

It is imperative to examine family dynamics, genetic ties, the child’s environment, childhood trauma, and mental health issues. These factors influence why your child started down this path. When you look at these and understand and accept your role as parents, we fully support your child’s recovery. This does not mean that substance use is your fault. It means that the addiction affects the whole family.
Be sure to get support or seek professional help. Understand that you are there to heal yourself first and then you can help your son or daughter.

Be sure to get support or seek professional help. Understand that you are there to heal yourself first and then you can help your son or daughter.

Take Care.

pictureExercise can help you feel better and better. We can use our bodies to heal our minds. Practice recovery the way you want your child to practice recovery.

Walk for at least 20 minutes each day, or do another exercise such as yoga, tennis, or running. Your mind will begin to heal and a brisk walk every day can solve any problems that concern you. Do you want your child to be physically healthy? Be physically healthy. Then you will be a very useful role model.

Please be careful.

Practicing meditation can help you feel more calm and balanced. Start small. Everyone can sit quietly for her one minute. Let’s start there. If you want to know how meditation can help, read on. 7 compelling reasons to start practicing meditation.

meditation You can heal your mind and stop the mind chatter that keeps you worrying, anxious and stressed about your child’s future. Please rest your mind.

Embrace your child’s new dreams.

know that dreams What you once had for your child is now gone. Even as I write those words, it sounds harsh. But it’s a real statement. Your child will never be the same. Neither are you.

But I tell you from experience that you can have another dream for your child.This dream can be even bigger and better than you thought. Your child may grow and change in ways you never knew were possible.

Many people in recovery evolve into new, confident and amazing people. Can you provide resources so more people can change their lives?click to tweet

And our children need their parents to change and evolve too!

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Write about your feelings.

Writing a diary has helped me immeasurably. Take a moment each day to write how you feel.

Journaling is a beautiful place to release all your anger, frustration and fear. It can be a source of new ideas, a place to write a quote, or any other thing you want to remember. It is one of the keys to your inner being and the gateway to your deepest thoughts. Adding three things you are grateful for at the end of your entry will make you feel more optimistic. Look for things to add to your diary during the day.
As your child heals, he may write about his experiences and feelings. Even just writing a few times a week can help lower your stress levels.

Give other children the attention they deserve.

A final thought is that children with drug or alcohol problems often get the attention they deserve when they are behaving destructively. They can take center stage. The rest of the family has to balk at the issue.

If you have other family members, especially other children, don’t give them the attention they deserve. No. It can be a frustrating situation. Do what you can to keep their lives as normal as possible.

Pay close attention to other family members each day.

Remember, the more you take care of yourself, the better off your child will be.

What do you think is the role of parents in their child’s drug and alcohol addiction? What has helped you with self-care?

Access research-based resources Helps support children in kind and caring ways that lead to change.

Are you ready to take care of yourself?

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