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Anna “ Annie” Schultz/Seitz

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A strong, loving, kind sister’s best friend

What kind of person was Anna “Annie”?

Supportive, non-judgmental but spiritual, a bright light to many, fun, mischievous, loved his family, fought hard for his health but was sometimes too kind, took off his shirt. Sometimes I put it away.

Cherished Memories of Anna “Annie”

Oh, I have so many memories with my sister. One of the memories I will always cherish is when she and I went kayaking alone on her 40th birthday.

What Happens When Anna “Annie” Is Gone

For napping with her, for hugging her, for understanding my nonsense, for protecting me, for playing with her tetherball.

How Anna “Annie” will be remembered

As a loving mother, a generous soul, I wanted to see people succeed, be non-judgmental, be fighters, have strength and courage.

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